A video of my video?!?!

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I was surfing youtube and found a recording of a promo segment I produced for Pockets Next Big Star

In Their Boots (Doc Film I helped shoot on location in Brownsville, TX)

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We were fortunate enough to be commissioned by Brave New Films to shoot the courageous story of Jerry Cortinas and his family. This is an AMAZING series that everybody (no matter what your political views are about the war) should follow. Special thanks to Pablo Berrios for lighting/camera work. Click here to watch the entire episode.

Strikes Back! "Color TV" & "Stuck in a Place like Me"

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Strikes Back! have been close friends of mine since the 8th Grade. I actually started most of my career shooting videos of them with my Mom's Hi-8 Camera, so of course when they dropped there new album 'Have Fun with your Dead Uncle' I quickly wrote treatments for there singles.