Women of Couture + BSMG

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Here is some of our work with Fashion Company Women of Couture. Photography by the incredibly talented mentor of mine Mike Randolph.

Women of Couture 12.10.09 SNEAK PEAK PROMO from brandon faucett on Vimeo.

VJ (audio/visual) set at The Gatsby 10.29.09

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The Process (My gear + concept)

My VJ set at The Gatsby

Matt Pinfield interviews the Blowing Trees

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Fellow director Danny Mendez and I were lucky enough to shoot this interview with Broadcast Legend Matt Pinfield.

This is a quick behind the scenes video I shot of The Blowing Trees being interview by Matt Pinfield.

Listen to the Blowing Trees

Respect Matt Pinfield

Our work for Maxim.com

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Cheech and Chong Segment airs tonight! on NBC 'American Latino')

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Back in November, we were commissioned by American Latino to produce an interview with Actors Cheech and Chong to promote there upcoming reunion tour. This was an amazing opportunity and I was even fortunate enough to catch an impromptu acoustic jam session. The duo performed a rendition of 
"Does Your Mama Know About Me" by Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers. FUN FACT ALERT! Briefly signed to Motown Records in the late 1960s, they had one top 30 hit single, "Does Your Mama Know About Me". As a producer and solo artist, Bobby Taylor contributed to several other soul recordings, both inside and outside of Motown. Taylor is most notable for discovering and mentoring The Jackson 5Tommy Chong was a member of Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers before he became famous as a comedian.

(to view the link below you have to select the video titled "Cheech and Chong")obviously.

And remember to watch TONIGHT! 11:35 PM on NBC "American Latino" Check your local listings.

Interview we shot for Newsweek.com about Stem Cell Research

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Big Sky Media Group was contracted by Newsweek.com  to shoot an interview with Dr.Wolf and Shilo Harris about there break through medical procedure for regenerative medicine. Interesting stuff!!!

Dog Men Poets "Inspired"

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The Dog Men Poets and I go waaaaaay back, like to 2005! After months of back and forth talking about ideas and concept we finally pulled the creative trigger and started filming. The concept is based on the idea that every personal contact you meet has the ability to (positive/negatively) 'inspiring' you to be who you are. So we shot over 40 faces and separated them in the center (mind vs. words) and mashed them up to create a unique looking stylized music video.  This song was originally a spoken word poem set to music, so I only used the lead singer Bru for all of the verses. SORRY AGAIN OTHER BAND MEMBERS. Since this was a side project of mine, it unfortunately didn't get the time dedication it deserved and took way too long to be completed. My bad guys, my bad INDEED.

Texas Library Association "Camp Bluebonnet"

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TLA Commissioned Big Sky Media Group to create a short film to promote the Texas Bluebonnet Book Awards for 2009. This was an EXTREMELY fun and challenging project to be involved in and I would like to thank everyone who contributed into making this shoot a success. The concept was an integration of 2D animation with real life actors, all shot on a built set. We designed the set after the late/great 'Are you Afraid of the Dark' series on Nickelodeon. The brilliant characters were designed by Larry Rains 

Texas Saltwater Series (Our TV Show on FSN)

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Here is a small preview of our show on Fox Sport Net 6:00 AM every Wednesday 
(check your local listings)

New Blog, New Reel

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