Dog Men Poets "Inspired"

Posted on 2:14 PM by Brandon Thomas Faucett | 0 comments

The Dog Men Poets and I go waaaaaay back, like to 2005! After months of back and forth talking about ideas and concept we finally pulled the creative trigger and started filming. The concept is based on the idea that every personal contact you meet has the ability to (positive/negatively) 'inspiring' you to be who you are. So we shot over 40 faces and separated them in the center (mind vs. words) and mashed them up to create a unique looking stylized music video.  This song was originally a spoken word poem set to music, so I only used the lead singer Bru for all of the verses. SORRY AGAIN OTHER BAND MEMBERS. Since this was a side project of mine, it unfortunately didn't get the time dedication it deserved and took way too long to be completed. My bad guys, my bad INDEED.