Cheech and Chong Segment airs tonight! on NBC 'American Latino')

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Back in November, we were commissioned by American Latino to produce an interview with Actors Cheech and Chong to promote there upcoming reunion tour. This was an amazing opportunity and I was even fortunate enough to catch an impromptu acoustic jam session. The duo performed a rendition of 
"Does Your Mama Know About Me" by Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers. FUN FACT ALERT! Briefly signed to Motown Records in the late 1960s, they had one top 30 hit single, "Does Your Mama Know About Me". As a producer and solo artist, Bobby Taylor contributed to several other soul recordings, both inside and outside of Motown. Taylor is most notable for discovering and mentoring The Jackson 5Tommy Chong was a member of Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers before he became famous as a comedian.

(to view the link below you have to select the video titled "Cheech and Chong")obviously.

And remember to watch TONIGHT! 11:35 PM on NBC "American Latino" Check your local listings.